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Nowick Gray:

Nowick Gray

I write in a variety of genres, each work teasing the dynamics of choice among multiple realities: romantic relationships, plot endings, murder suspects, virtual worlds, alternate timelines, narrative loops, stylistic colorings.

Most of my stories and essays are set in places where I like to spend time: natural surroundings. My writing draws from two decades of homesteading in the interior mountains of British Columbia. Other adventures include teaching for three years in Quebec Inuit villages – an experience from which the mystery novel Hunter’s Daughter arose – and indulging a lasting passion for West African drumming as a student, teacherperformer and author.

I have contributed short fiction and essays to a variety of periodicals and anthologies since 1976, when I received an MA in Canadian literature from the University of Victoria.  Currently working as a  freelance copyeditor, helping other writers improve their work for publication, I make my home in Victoria, BC, with winter travels in warmer locations.

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