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The Last Book: Further Confessions of Felix Krull, Confidence Man

Thomas Mann

“It is not without a certain meager trepidation that I set out to record, for the reader’s considered benefit, the events that have occurred since that fateful scene in the living room of the Villa Kuckuck, on the Rua João de Castilhos…”—or so the original Felix Krull may have expressed it, had the pages of Thomas Mann’s last, unfinished novel continued.

When precocious con-man Felix Krull is recruited by an astral-traveling presidential candidate, Sophie Vaughan, he embarks on a quest across time to find her and prove his mettle on a world stage. His daredevil joyride through ’70s middle America tests his powers of persuasion and faith in a charmed destiny. Fast-forwarded to 2036, Felix discovers Sophie caught in a multidimensional struggle between the controlling Hierarchy and the dissident Panarchists.

The Last Book departs from Thomas Mann’s last book, a classic of European literature, and propels its hero into the speculative waters of time travel, alternative history, and a dystopian future. Tested in his loyalty to President Sophie Vaughan, Felix faces his ultimate challenge, the capacity for enduring love.

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