List of Publications

Book-length published works

The Last Book: Further Adventures of Felix Krull, Confidence Man. Cougar WebWorks, 2017.

Red Rock Road, Light Blue Sea. Cougar WebWorks, 2017.

Hunter’s Daughter. Five Rivers, 2015.

PsyBot: A Novel of Virtual Reality. Cougar WebWorks, 2014.

My Country: Essays and Stories from the Edge of Wilderness. Cougar WebWorks, 2014.

Strange Love / Romance Not For Sale: Short Stories. Cougar WebWorks, 2014.

Friday Night Jam. Cougar WebWorks, 2014.

Rendezvous. World Castle Publishing, 2013.
Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass: A Twisted Tale of Wilderness Survival. Cougar WebWorks, 2015.

Roots Jam 3: Arrangements for West African Drum and Dance. Cougar WebWorks, 2007.

Roots Jam 2: West African and Afro-Latin Drum Rhythms
. Cougar WebWorks, 2002.

Roots Jam: Collected Rhythms for Hand Drum and Percussion. Cougar WebWorks, 1996.

Active Nonviolence. Canadian Quaker Study Packs, 1985.

Ironic Survival in the Poetry of Earle Birney
. Master’s thesis. University of Victoria, 1976.

Creative nonfiction online

A Sixties Childhood.” Numero Cinq (July 2017).

Prefaces and Introductions without End: Improvisations.

Life Stories


Youth, 1974 – Editor’s Selection for Memoir Month, June 2014.

Also: Steven King with Rose-Coloured EyesThe Boys in the Park, First Love, Trumped in Peckerdom, White Rabbit, Deep Summer, and The Boy, The Witch and the Princess.

Nonfiction essays and articles in anthologies

“Of Ducks, Trucks and Bucks.” NeWest Review (summer 1989); rpt. Inside Essays 2; ed. Doug Hilker. HBJ, 1992. Selected for Province of Alberta Released Achievement Test in English, 2008.

“Rockwork.” Skills for Simple Living. Ed. Betty Tillotson. Hartley & Marks, 1991.

Short fiction in anthologies

“The Meaning of Life.” Selected for philosophy course reading list at Central Penn College, summer 2001.

“A Man with a Black Case and a White Dog.” No Cats Allowed. Stray Dog Press, 1994.

“New Moon.” Abortion Stories. MinRef Press, 1992.

“Running Wolf Canyon.” Walking the Dead: Myths and Legends of Contemporary Argenta Natives. Argenta: Lost Trends, 1984.

Additional publication, short fiction and nonfiction

Short fiction

“Transitions.” The Animist: Electronic Journal of the Arts (1999).

“Leno’s Feast.” Fugue 5 (spring/summer 1992).

“Creation.” Potent Aphrodisiac 2 (summer/fall 1991).

“The Center of the World.” Xizquil (spring 1991).

“A Neighborly Visit.” Mind in Motion (May 1987).

“The Deserted Playground.” Cream City Review (spring 1976).

Short nonfiction

“Verisimilitude: The Moral Aesthetic of George Saunders.” Numero Cinq (August 2017).

“Literature and Culture Clash.” WarpWorld guest blog (April 2015).

“Bridging the Worlds of Being & Doing.” elephant journal (March 2014).

“Entering the Tunnel.” On This Planet Earth (online journal, August 1997).

“Before the World Burns.” On This Planet Earth (online journal, March 1997); rpt. The Animist, Electronic Journal of the Arts (2000).

“BC Citizens Oppose Pesticides.” Probe Post (1987).

“Earle Birney’s Concrete Architecture.” CV2(2):45, 1976.

Other articles and essays published in . . .

Friends Journal, Natural Life News, Ploughshares Monitor, Nonviolence Today, Fourth World Review.


[various] in Dumars Reviews (featured poet, No. 7, April 1990).

“Calvary.” San Francisco Chronicle (15 April 1974).

Online columns, blogs and websites

African Drumming Blog (2010-present).

The Seekers Manual (2009-2017).

Alternative Culture Blog (2006-present).

HyperLife: A Life in Hypertext (2000-present).

Cougar WebWorks Alternative Culture Magazine (1996-present). Archived by the National Library of Canada.

Baseball columnist for the Orioles Hangout (2001-11).

Political/Ecological columnist for online magazine On this Planet Earth (1997).


Audio clips as part of multimedia essay appearing in online magazine The Animist: Electronic Journal of the Arts (January 2000), reproduced at

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