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groundhog day wilderness adventure

Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass

A Twisted Tale of Wilderness Survival

Think Groundhog Day in the heart of the British Columbia mountains.

News Flash! See the brilliant new film Jumbo Wildabout the decades-long popular struggle to keep Jumbo Pass wild, in the face of relentless plans for a mega-resort development where Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass takes place.

A wilderness cabin becomes a dream-box of catastrophe and survival, in this true adventure with a paranormal twist of time-loops.

Will, a treeplanter, hikes with a companion to meet his wife, Faron, and 3-year-old daughter, Suze, in BC’s remote Jumbo Pass. An overnight strom pushes Will to the brink of deadly choices, at fate’s mercy.

Their idyll darkens with Will’s hellish predicament, as the seventh dream door crashes shut. He must act under agonizing pressure, and the disorientation of clashing realities. Will he find the strength and wisdom to overcome the odds and avoid disaster?

The cabin walls shook with the buffeting of wind and rain, while thunder and lightning made a mounting attack on the darkness. Our bodies clung together into the night, courting sleep.
Somewhere in the realm between love and the void, we heard a crashing of wood outside. Faron’s eyes popped open—I could feel the lashes against my cheek.

Lightning flashed. The room reeled eerily. A door became visible for an instant. I almost awoke enough to make the effort. Then, I could see a row of doors, at least three to choose from.

I chose the middle door, and as I walked through, it shut behind me like a trap.

Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass breaks the mold of linear narrative by splitting its ending into multiple, coexisting plot threads or alternate timelines twisting away from a nightmare hallway of seven doors. The metafictional story plays out a  mystery of magic realism against the backdrop of vast natural beauty in the Purcell Mountains.

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Read a sample chapter from Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass: A Twisted Tale of Wilderness Survival

Print ISBN: 9781517408398; Epub ISBN: 9781311919083
paperback: 113 pages, 5 X 8; New edition: September 2015

Categories: Literary Fiction, Metafiction, Action & Adventure, Magic Realism, Creative Nonfiction

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“Exciting and honest writing that awakens us to our humanity and interconnectedness with nature. The gripping story technique makes every choice, every moment verge on the miraculous.” – Frank Burnaby, author of Island Born

“Suspense-filled details culminating in twists of possibilities … a slide show of white-knuckle catastrophe.”Raye Rabbitfoot, author of Ley Lines 

“Nowick Gray artfully weaves us through a harrowing journey of ‘what ifs’, forcing us to reflect upon those times we desired something badly and pursued it perhaps recklessly. This was an easy and enjoyable read that left me contemplating my own reasons for hiking in the wild.” – 5-star Amazon review

Rendezvous took me by surprise in its utter seamlessness…. Though the narrative thread twists, loops and even knots, its captivating forward momentum never skips a beat.” – Sally Ross, author of The Selfward Facing Way

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