Jumbo Pass: The Edge of Tomorrow

The novella Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass is based on a real-life adventure, a tale of survival in the heart of wilderness: Jumbo Pass, situated between the East and West Kootenay valleys in southeast British Columbia. That pristine wilderness is threatened by a massive tourist development for the benefit an Italian megacorp. Despite rubberstamp support from the BC government bureaucracy, 90% of area residents oppose the development, as they have since the early 1990s when the scheme first was proposed. In this clip Sean Rodman sings of the struggle and what is at stake (and note, when the camera pans, the little cabin where the action of Rendezvous takes place):

This week I saw the Tom Cruise sci-fi action thriller, Edge of Tomorrow. If you liked Groundhog Day and can stomach a heavy diet of mechanized mayhem, you’ll enjoy this latest twist of the narrative device, the time loop. Deja vu all over again. Watch the trailer… and then, if you want a more natural version of the same kind of story, head on up to Jumbo, hitching a ride on the gondola called Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass.

New: Jumbo Wild – documentary film (2015) 

2 thoughts on “Jumbo Pass: The Edge of Tomorrow

    1. Nowick Gray

      It looks the same now (in the video) as it did when the story (Rendezvous) took place, 25 years ago. May it continue to remain pristine, for the benefit of all natural beings!


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