Reviews of Rendezvous at Jumbo Pass

Reviewers write…

“A fabulous tale full of tingling fear-filled apprehension. Each fork in the road leaves you waiting bristle-backed for the next avalanche of possibilities, suspense-filled details culminating in twists of possibilities. Rendezvous is a slide show of white-knuckle catastrophe, a virtual sword swallower. It took courage to watch the next move through the maze of manifested fears. Drink your carrot juice; this book will take your blood pressure off the charts.” –Raye Rabbitfoot, author of Ley Lines

“Rendezvous took me by surprise in its utter seamlessness, despite the shifting and often juxtaposed possibilities arising from profound uncertainty – inherent not only to the remote locale but also the dynamics within and between the characters. Though the narrative thread twists, loops and even knots, its captivating forward momentum never skips a beat.” –Sally Ross, author of The Selfward Facing Way

MacBeth IcefieldRendezvous is a great story. Great because its spark is struck upon a deep awareness of the wilderness. Nowick uses a technique of multiple endings to go to the heart of being solely responsible for your own survival, where even the worst disaster imaginable must be considered seriously. Nowick is an author informed from his own remarkable experiences living deep in the wilderness.  His seemingly otherworldly dreaming of scenarios is in reality an underlying and innate human ability to survive in the wild. His gripping story technique creates a transparency in even the simplest activities of his characters, holed up in their remote cabin on the crest of a mountain, and that makes every choice, every moment verge on the miraculous. This is exciting and honest writing that awakens us to our humanity and interconnectedness with nature.” –Frank Burnaby, author of Island Born

“Rendezvous is beautifully written. Having been a tree planter, it brought back vivid memories of the heaven and hell that comprises tree planting; those lovely sun lit days of our youth, of mountains and rivers, rain, sleet and snow; love of a woman and child, a time when we thought we could do anything…and did. Looking back – how close we came to disaster, the risks we took unaware of the danger, of other scenarios that might have been, and the role of fate in the unfolding mystery known as life.” –Colin Mallard, the author of Stillpoint, a novel of war, peace, politics and Palestine

Rendezvous is remarkable not only for its structure but also because you very skillfully avoid turning it into a cheap ‘romance’ novel. The warmth between husband, wife and daughter is never stereotyped or unbelievable. Your style is lively, smooth and attractive, and you bring the characters alive with little details.” –Joost Boekhoven, author of Gem’s Story

“Nowick Gray artfully weaves us through a harrowing journey of ‘what ifs,’ forcing us to reflect upon those times we desired something badly and pursued it perhaps recklessly. This was an easy and enjoyable read that left me contemplating my own reasons for hiking in the wild.” —Kim Maddin

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